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Numerous inefficiencies and business challenges in the logistics industry value chains have led to the logistics sector accounting for 13% of the GDP in India versus the global average of 9%. Technology plays a very critical role in improving efficiency in the industry. VAVE provides the most comprehensive platform of solutions for managing cargo as well as passenger fleet. It encompasses tracking of vehicles and assets, managing back end operations, tracking processes, expense management, asset management, trip profitability analysis, business analytics, alcohol sensor, sleep alert system, collision avoidance system, Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPMS), temperature control seats, etc. VAVE has a complete range of tracking products like AIS140 vehicle tracker, IP65 Vehicle Tracker, On Board Diagnostics (OBD), Asset Trackers, Bike Trackers, e-vehicle trackers, etc.

Fleet Solutions


LogEye is VAVE’s feature enhanced tracking application with basic vehicle and asset tracking, LogEye offers advanced features like Live Tracking, Geo Fencing, Remote Ignition On / Off, Fuel Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring and Control, Advanced Dashboard, etc


Humsafar is VAVE’s basic Vehicle and Asset Tracking solution with limited features like Tracking, Geo Fencing and Vehicle Location. This application is use for businesses that would only want to know the location of the vehicle or asset on an infrequent basis and not on live basis.


LogBook is VAVE’s comprehensive fleet management solution that helps businesses manage their back end processes, line trips, documents, assets, expenses, billing and payment under a single integrated application. It improves the business’s efficiency, reducing cost of operations and better monitoring of operations.