Safety & Security

Ninja – Ensure security and safety of your loved ones 24X7 with location-mapping and history, geo-fencing, SOS calling (2-way voice call, SMS through panic button or integration with mobile phone)

Personal Safety and Security Application

Monitor, in real-time, your children when they step out of the house for school, tuitions, activity classes, outdoor play or just hang out with friends

The device lets you geofence the location of your younger children and monitor whereabouts of your older children

Though not a voice calling device, your child can make emergency calls to any two (or more) numbers pre-designated by you

Pressing the panic button sends an alert to the pre-specified numbers and you can track their exact location

At the press of a button, you see the location of your loved ones at any time of the day and they can send you an alert immediately in case of an emergency,  giving you accurate information about their location

Locate an Alzheimer's patient who has wandered off and reach them quickly

Round the clock

Round the clock location mapping and history


Setting up a geo-fence to send alerts on your mobile phone when your child leaves or enters a particular pre-defined place.

SOS calling

Your child can easily reach you at the press of a button when needed

Staff Security

Your employees are your extended family…and you feel responsible for their safety; our mobile tracker is the solution

Do you think of your employees' safety whenever you come across news of a staffer being raped/ robbed/ murdered while on the way back from work?

Ninja can help you track your employees' movement to ensure their safety

Employees, when assured of safety during commute may not hesitate to work late hours

Your employees, family members or older children may not prefer to be tracked all the time… ninja can be turned on and off when desired

Unscheduled stops

In case if the user makes an unusual/unintended stop on their way, an alert will be immediately sent with the location.

Delays in reaching the destination

The employer will be alerted if the user takes more than average time to reach home. Any unprecedented delays in reaching their destination will be alerted with the exact location.

Vehicles going off route, etc.

If the user has taken any detour or has taken any other route apart from the regular ones, an alert with the location will be sent.

Ninja can also be installed in your employees', family members' and kids' phone so that they do not carry a separate device and still be safe