Fleet Management

Happy Fleet – A Tracking Solution That Helps Improve Efficiency Of Your Vehicle/ Fleet

Locate your vehicle, track your consignment round the clock and monitor unscheduled halts through Real Time Tracking

In case of a mishap/accident, immediately locate help by getting proximity of other vehicles in your fleet which can rush to the spot to help

Real-Time Tracking

Track your vehicles on the go, Real-Time.

Get fuel-related statistics

Get fuel-related statistics; identify spikes and drops and monitor fuel pilferage


Get alerts when your vehicle steps out of the 'geofenced area' or takes a 'detour'

Freeze the Vehicle's Engine Remotely

Get an alert when the vehicle's ignition is turned on - an anti-theft feature which allows you to freeze the vehicle's engine remotely

Overspeeding & Harsh Braking Alerts

Get alerts on overspeeding, harsh braking and sudden acceleration

Round the Clock Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring of all parameters related to your business/ vehicle to help identify problem areas and eliminate them

Analyse Driver Behaviour

Analyse driver behaviour and route taken through historical reports

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports on various parameters with up to one-year historical reports